Cheap laptop for AutoCAD or Solidworks 2017: Affordable Solidworks laptop – Cheap CAD laptop 2017

Are you looking for a cheap laptop for AutoCAD? Chances are you are confused by all the poor information spread by self-proclaimed experts. The team at bargainlaptop actually uses AutoCAD on a daily basis and we know what should be the ideal specifications. We also had a word with various universities to make out what exactly should be the ideal specifications of an AutoCAD laptop.

Cheap laptop for AutoCAD or Solidworks 2017

Quad core Processor – The processor of your ideal laptop or ultrabook for AutoCAD should have quad cores. While ultrabooks with quad core processors are hard to find, it is not that hard for laptops. This is primarily because the space inside an ultrabook is much less than a mainstream laptop. While the new ultrabooks with kabylake processors are more powerful than ever, nothing beats a standard quad core ultrabook or laptops in terms of performance. CPU frequency is very important too. For example, a processor with higher frequency will give you better performance than one with lower frequency.

Nvidia or AMD graphics card – A lot of applications especially AutoCAD and Solidworks make use of graphics card to render graphics. Unless your Intel processor is backed by Intel Iris graphics, you should get an Nvidia or AMD graphics card onboard. The integrated Intel graphics is pretty bad when choosing a cheap AutoCAD / solidworks laptop and for best user experience, you should get a laptop with Nvidia or AMD GPU. The Radeon R7 is pretty common in cheap solidworks or AutoCAD laptops.

Memory and Storage – If you are starter, you can get away with 4GB RAM but if you are a semi-pro or a moderate user, you should not settle for anything less than 8GB RAM. If you are not getting an ultrabook, make sure that the memory is not soldered onto the motherboard otherwise, you will not be able to upgrade the RAM. For storage, make sure to have SSD in someway. The prices of SSD drives are falling everyday and the higher speed of SSD drives will improve the overall performance of the system in a big way. If you have a strong budget, you can even equip the system with 512GB or 1TB SSD. That being said, if you have a tight budget, make sure to get a fast 7200rpm hard disk.

Large display – A minimum of 15 inch screen size is must for the best Solidworks laptop. You will be spending considerable amount of time gazing the display, making all sorts of CAD designs. The last thing you would want is to squint your eyes. Trust us, you would not to work on a netbook, no matter how powerful it is. This is a very important laptop requirement for AutoCAD laptop and you should not settle for anything less than 15 inches.

So those were the ideal specifications for an AutoCAD / solidworks laptop. And if you follow them by heart, you will have no trouble in finding the cheap and best AutoCAD / solidworks laptop.

Dell Inspiron 17

Dell Inspiron laptops are incredibly well-built machines and this one is no exception. Equipped with a 17” full HD display, you get powerful i7 processor and AMD Radeon R5 graphics card. The screen has touchpanel built in so you can use all sorts of multitouch gestures on it just like an iPad.
laptop for AutoCAD or Solidworks

There is whopping 16GB RAM onboard and 2TB hard disk which is plenty for storing those heavy raw CAD files. The keyboard is full size and backlit which makes typing a joy. This is a proper desktop replacement laptop.

Asus ZX53

Asus ZX53 comes with standard voltage i5 processor with quad cores which makes it ideal for working with heavy CAD usage. It runs at 2.3GHz and goes upto 3.2GHz and is backed by dedicated Nvidia graphics card for maximum smoothness while working with heaviest of graphics.

Its 512GB SSD gives it superior load times and faster data transfers and that lets you complete tasks ultra-fast. The chassis has beautiful metallic finish to it that gives it a very premium feel and increased durability.

The keyboard is made entirely of one piece and has 100 solder points for that solid feel. The backlit keys let you work in all types of environments.

The display is home to a 15” anti-glare panel with full HD resolution so you can see and work with more content at a time. Everything looks clear and razor sharp.

If you want a 15” laptop for CAD, go for this one.

9 May 17