Core i5-3427U review

The Core i5 3427U is the latest Ivy Bridge processor for ultrabook laptops. It features hyperthreading technology with which it is able to handle up to 4 thread simultaneously. The 3427U CPU runs at 1.8GHz clock speed under normal mode and automatically overclocks to 2.8GHz under turbo boost mode. In this benchmark / review, we are using Dell Latitude 6430u.

Core i5-3427U benchmark

That Dell laptop is also available  with Core i3 3217u 1.8GHz or i7 3667u 2.0GHz processor .The i5 3427U has a TDP of 17 watts; 3 MB L3; and 0.5 MB L2 cache. Here are the benchmark results:

1) Cinebench R11.5 CPU Multi 64 bit benchmark – 2.6 points
2) PCMark Vantage – could not be done as it is not compatible with windows 8 operating system.
3) PCMark 7 – 5065
4) Passmark – 3546

Core i5-3427U benchmark

In comparison, the i5 3317u, i3 3217u and i7 3667u got 2921, 2660 and 3560 respectively in the Passmark benchmark test. Clearly, with the Core i5 3427u, you will be able to get performance at par with the top-end i7 3667u.

29 Jan 13