Core i7 2617M Benchmark

The Intel Core i7 2617M is a processor for thin laptops and ultrabooks. It runs at 1.5GHz clock speed that overclocks to 2.6GHz under turbo boost mode. Based on Sandy Bridge architecture and due to hyperthreading feature, the i7 2617M is able to handle up to 4 threads with its 2 cores. Graphics are handled by Intel HD graphics 3000 that is clocked at 350 or 1200MHz (under Turbo Boost mode).

Core i7 2617M Benchmark

TDP of the Intel Core i7 2617M is 17 watts, which is standard for a ultra book processor made using 32nm manufacturing technology.

Here are its benchmark results:

1) Cinebench R10 (Rendering Multiple CPUs 64 Bit) – 8113
2) 3DMark Vantage – 7233
3) Passmark  – 2972, a little bit less than i7 2677m that runs at 1.7GHz clock speed.

21 Jul 12