Dell XPS 12 Review

Dell XPS 12 belongs to a new type of ultrabooks that feature touchscreen display designed in hand with Windows 8 operating system. The XPS 12 has same design as the XPS 13 ultrabook and adds a swivel screen that converts it to a tablet.

dell xps 12 review

Performance of XPS 12 is amazing, thanks to its Intel Core i5 3317u processor. If you need some more power, you can opt for the model that comes with Intel Core i7 3517U CPU. RAM configuration in the starter model starts at 4GB but you can increase it to 8GB. For storage, you get 128GB / 256GB.

The screen packs 12.5 inch display and packs 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, which makes it one of the top end ultrabook out there. It is also great for the businessmen who work with two windows simultaneously. There are 2x USB 3.0 ports on it, which will allow you to plug in new USB 3.0 peripherals.


It shall be noted that the screen turns in one direction only. Once rotated, the magnets keep the latch in its place. XPS 12’s keyboard is joy to use. It has backlit and is spill resistant as well. The only thing not to like about it is that it gets hot even after doing 0.5 hour web browsing on it. Also, there is no easy way to determine if the wireless radios are on or off. For business users, there is no fingerprint scanner and VGA port. There is no LAN port built in. That said, its pros outweigh the cons. XPS 12’s gorgeous 12.5 inch IPS 400 nits display is a joy to use.

8 Nov 12