Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu (Price, specs)

Dell has released an Ubuntu version of their XPS 13 ultrabook that is being aimed at the developers who want an ultrabook pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux operating system. Available for purchase for 1450 dollars, this XPS 13 ubuntu model packs pretty impressive specs – you get an Intel Core i7 3517u processor, 8GB RAM, 13.3 inch screen, Intel HD 4000 graphics, 256GB SSD and as expected, the latest version of Ubuntu, the 12.04 LTS.  The XPS 13 with Ubuntu weighs a modest 2.99 pounds and comes with one year of pro support from Dell. The screen is made from Gorilla Glass for maximum durability and chassis is made from carbon fiber and aluminum. It measures just 6mm on its thinnest edge and 18mm at its thickest point.

dell xps 13 ubuntu

Dell says that it is their way of thanking the developing community. Here is their exact quote:

“We’re super excited about the XPS 13 Laptop, Developer Edition, and want to thank all the developers who have been actively participating in helping us create a laptop designed specifically for them. Basically, we loaded a super sleek Dell machine with Ubuntu to give developers the essentials they want while staying true to our core values of openness and affordability. But the power of the community input really helped make this a big success.” To Dell – $1449 is not exactly affordable. Check out core i7 3517u benchmark.

1 Dec 12