HP Envy 6-1001tx Review

HP Envy 6 1001tx is an ultra book that is on the large size and barely satisfies the requirements for being called an ‘ultrabook’. It is a nice ultrabook if you are looking for a thin laptop that is also capable of doing some gaming. If you prefer smaller ultrabooks, consider Envy Spectre 4 if you are a fan of HP.

HP Envy 6-1001tx Review

Specs of Envy 6 1001tx laptop are pretty good. You get Intel Core i5 2467M processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 500GB hard disk and ATi Radeon HD 7670M GPU for handling graphics. Folks at pcworld have done a review of it and they say that while Envy 6 does not feature the top of the line Intel Core i-series processor like i7 3667u, it is a very good unit for doing business work and your usual everyday tasks. Presence of discrete GPU means you will enjoy good gaming performance.

HP Envy 6-1001tx Review ultra book

Battery life is good enough too to take this HP ultrabook on the road with you. Its keyboard (shown above) is great to type on and build quality is good too. The reviewer does yearn for a better screen and a dual band wireless adapter.

Read the review at pcworld.

31 Jul 12